Walker Foggo

Walker worked in a physical therapy clinic for three years before pivoting to POP. He loved helping people regain their mobility and reach their goals, but he longed for more opportunities to tap into his creativity and build more lasting relationships with his patients.

Curious about other paths in rehabilitation, Walker shadowed at a POP clinic in his hometown. He loved that POP wasn’t just one thing. It allowed him to utilize his physical therapy knowledge while also challenging him to develop an entirely new skillset in design, engineering and fabrication. Most importantly, POP offers something that many health professions do not—the chance to follow patients through every stage of their life, creating devices and treatment plans that adapt and grow with them.

Energized by his shadowing experience, Walker decided to pursue his master’s in prosthetics and orthotics at Northwestern University. He plans to complete his residency at a clinic in his home state of Mississippi and looks forward to collaborating with all members of the care team—from physical therapists to POP professionals and beyond—to help patients.

I’ve always loved movement, medicine and helping people. POP ties it all together.
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