Taylor Wills

Taylor grew up on a farm in Illinois where her dad owned a woodworking business. She joined in on the fun at just ten years old—creating everything from her bedroom desk to her family’s living room table. When it came time to decide on a career, Taylor completed her undergrad in bioengineering but wasn’t sure what to do next. She shadowed at various companies, but nothing stuck quite like POP.

Taylor graduates from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Master of Prosthetics-Orthotics Program in December, where she most enjoys working with patient models. She’ll be a full-time resident in Kentucky and looks forward to practicing outside of the classroom. POP gives Taylor the unique opportunity to combine her love of community interaction with the same hands-on problem solving she’s valued since childhood.

This industry is so unique in that each office and company is so different. Do a lot of shadowing at a lot of companies, because what you may not like at one place, you’ll love at another.
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