Taylor Ferris

Taylor became interested in medicine and rehabilitation after experiencing an athletic injury in high school. She learned about POP by accident when she clicked on “orthotics and prosthetics” rather than “occupational therapy” when career searching while in high school. She was intrigued by what she read, began to immerse herself in everything prosthetics and orthotics and started shadowing at a local clinic.

Taylor hasn’t looked back since, becoming a certified orthotic and mastectomy fitter and working for several years at a clinic. Her most memorable patient was an older woman who had undergone a mastectomy decades earlier. The woman did not know breast prostheses were an option until she came to the clinic. At that time, Taylor was one of only a few mastectomy fitters in her state. Helping her patient feel more like herself after years of discomfort is a memory Taylor will always cherish. 

Inspired by her patients, Taylor decided to pursue her master’s in prosthetics and orthotics to care for more patients. She is now completing her degree at Northwestern University and is excited to start her residency, where she’ll work with a diverse population of patients.

If POP sounds like it’s for you, dive in and get as much experience as you can.
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