Riley Cruse

Riley has always had a knack for building things. Her uncle is a mechanical engineering technician and dad is a handyman, and they passed on their love for construction. Her childhood friend had a limb difference and used a prosthetic device, and Riley was always fascinated by how it worked.

Riley decided to study engineering as an undergraduate, but she felt like her coursework kept her “trapped” behind a desk. Thinking back to her friend, she decided to shadow at a local POP clinic to see how the profession may allow her to merge her passion for fabrication with patient interaction. At the clinic, she formed lasting connections with mentors who helped her chart her POP path.

Riley went on to pursue her master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics at Northwestern University. She loves that POP lets her do a little bit of everything, from building devices to patient relationships, and work with everyone, from children to older adults. Riley will return to the clinic where she shadowed to complete her residency and looks forward to continuing to grow as a POP professional so that she can provide high-quality care to her future patients. 

Keep an open mind. The medical field isn’t just one thing—there’s a whole world of possibilities.
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