Olivia DeRodes

Olivia’s great-grandfather, a World War II veteran and hero of her small hometown in Northwest Ohio, used prosthetic devices. However, she never realized there was a profession devoted to caring for and helping people who wear prosthetic devices until high school, when she did an advocacy project on health care for amputees. The project sparked a passion for POP that persists to this day.

Olivia pursued her exercise science undergraduate degree at The University of Akron. Her degree had no POP track, and most in her program did not know about the profession. Determined to pursue a career in POP, Olivia worked with her professors to forge her path. Her dedication paid off, and she is currently completing her master’s in prosthetics and orthotics at Northwestern University.

A former competitive swimmer, Olivia loves that POP brings together her love of movement with patient care. She hopes to specialize in pediatrics and continue to focus on patient advocacy. She is enthusiastic about introducing the next generation to POP and has returned to her high school multiple times to share her love of the profession with students.

Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and forge your own path.
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