Maxine Hanley

Maxine originally wanted to work in healthcare but felt that being a doctor did not fulfill her creative potential. Uncertain about her career direction, she decided to complete her undergraduate degree from Trinity University in business. After graduating with her bachelor’s in 2020, she explored her healthcare interests further and shadowed professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy and POP.

Maxine was inspired by the creativity, problem-solving and customizability of the POP profession. Her interest in POP was solidified while she shadowed a young girl’s clinical care team. The team worked to create an orthosis that would help the girl get back to doing what she loved. Maxine was amazed at the amount of individualized care that goes into being a POP professional and is inspired to do the same for her future patients.

Maxine is currently completing her master’s in prosthetics and orthotics at Northwestern University and plans to use her undergraduate degree in business to become an entrepreneur in the POP world. Maxine is also an avid skier, first learning how to ski at the age of three. She hopes to help athletes like herself and dreams of one day supporting the Special Olympics and the Paralympics.

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