Mark Cromer

Mark is a certified prosthetist orthotist (CPO) who started his POP career as a technician. His interest in POP stemmed from his own experience with limb-loss. Mark began using a prosthesis after losing his leg to cancer. After struggling to find the right fit for his own prosthetic leg, he became curious about the mechanics of the device and the skills needed to create a proper fit. Mark began studying to be a secondary education teacher but quickly pivoted his career to learning everything he could about orthotic and prosthetic fabrication and improving patient lives as a CPO. He likes how the POP profession offers exposure to many different aspects of care, from utilizing advancements in POP technology to experiencing hugs and tears with patients. Mark now teaches future POP professionals at California State University, Dominguez Hills and says that the best part of his day is learning as much from his students as they do from him.

This career humbles me every day, just seeing the emotional impact has given me so much to learn.
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