Kinsey Herrin

Kinsey works alongside a team of researchers and engineers at Georgia Institute of Technology, where she explores how robotics can help get people moving. Kinsey has used orthotic devices since childhood and loves using her personal, clinical and research experience to help the patients in her studies, as well as people who will benefit from her team’s breakthroughs in the future. She started her career as a POP practitioner and practiced in clinics in Atlanta, Ann Arbor and Miami. Everywhere she went she conducted clinical research, and she fell in love with how these projects let her work with patients while also having a broader impact. Now, Kinsey uses her clinical background to improve the outcomes of rehab-centered research at Georgia Tech. She works on projects that use video games to advance rehabilitation for children with walking disabilities, voice activation to improve patients’ ability to be independently mobile, artificial intelligence to properly assist people with amputations to walk up stairs and other community barriers and more.

Working with patients in a research setting is an honor and privilege because they volunteer their time and lives to make a difference for people years down the line.
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