Kelly Logan

Born as a three-month premature twin of a mom in nursing and a dad living with paraplegia, Kelly has always been immersed in the medical field. When it came time to choose her career path, Kelly decided on kinesiology and headed to Salus University to earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy (OT). However, the 2020 pandemic brought uncertainty into Kelly’s career along with hospital burnout. This caused her to consider a career change only a few years into her OT role. A coworker who worked in orthotics referred Kelly to a clinic in Maryland that specializes in the treatment of infants with plagiocephaly - Kelly instantly fell in love with the babies and their families.

Kelly is now a certified orthotic fitter and was just invited to her favorite twin patients’ first birthday party. The most rewarding part of her job is helping families and providing as much information, compassion and flexibility as possible. Kelly hopes to one day become a senior clinician, so she can share her knowledge and experience with new clinicians.

You’re not just reshaping a child’s head. You’re also reshaping their and their family’s lives so they can grow and change together.
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