Kellen Levi

Kellen has always been interested in the intersection of science, medicine and technology. After studying biotechnology in college, she interned at an outdoor recreational therapy organization for people with disabilities. While leading a whitewater rafting trip for a group of veterans, Kellen talked to them about her interests and what she might do next in her career.  They encouraged her to pursue POP.

Kellen taught school in Portland, where she completed her science prerequisites before applying to master’s programs in orthotics and prosthetics. Now a student at Northwestern University, Kellen enjoys learning about positional orthoses—such as devices that help reposition the spine so patients can move and breathe better.

Serving as the vice president for her cohort, Kellen is interested in future leadership opportunities with POP and helping other prospective students navigate financial resources to attend school. She looks forward to not only continuing to learn but to giving back to patients and her community.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t start out on a health career path. Your school and peers are there to help teach you, and everyone brings their own strengths to this field.
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