Kate Martin

From a young age, Kate developed a deep love for problem-solving and working with her hands—a trait she got from her dad, who loves woodworking. When she tore her PCL in her knee playing soccer in high school, Kate got to know her certified orthotist while receiving her knee orthosis. Her connection with her orthotist inspired her to pursue a career in POP, and she started shadowing at a local clinic. Kate went on to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sport Physiology and a Master’s of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics from Eastern Michigan University. She is now a certified prosthetist and will be sitting for her orthotic exams this fall. Kate loves that POP allows her to think on her feet, work with her hands, and have the opportunity to make a difference in a patient’s life. Her favorite part of her job is connecting with patients, helping them understand their care, and seeing them achieve their goals.

There’s nothing more rewarding than connecting with your patients and getting to see their progress one step at a time!
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