Karli Kochman

Being able to deliver a prosthesis to a burn victim, helping someone learn how to walk again and making a difference in people with amputation’s post-op care are just some of the reasons Karli chose POP. With a background in biosystems engineering, Karli is taking her POP journey through various roads, from technician to fitter to POP student. Karli looks forward to the day she can have a significant impact on her patients. She is especially interested in connecting with amputees to guide them through the process of what life is like after amputation. Now pursuing a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Pittsburgh, Karli is excited about working with patient models and finding more ways to grow professionally. After graduation, she is looking forward to working with patients as a clinical resident.

This is such a unique career! Everyone who experiences what it has to offer, grows to love it.
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