Judah Furman

Judah, a cancer survivor, grew up knowing about and using orthotic devices. He dedicated his time post-treatment to volunteering at organizations serving individuals living with disabilities or complex medical conditions. He focused his early undergraduate studies on pain management and sports medicine. It wasn’t until later that Judah discovered POP would be the perfect career for him.

One day, Judah recalled a non-verbal friend who used a tablet to express herself and he was fired up by the possibility of giving someone their life back through assistive devices and technology. Serendipitously, prosthetics and orthotics popped into his head. A few Google searches later, Judah knew POP was what he was meant to do.

Now a prosthetics and orthotics master’s student at Northwestern University, Judah is grateful his life experiences led him to POP. He keeps an open mind when it comes to residency and job options and looks forward to letting his curiosity and love of giving back lead the way.

If you’re interested in the profession, reach out to someone who can show you rather than tell you. POP will feel much less daunting and much more tangible.
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