Jessica Record

Before learning about POP, Jess was a mechanical engineering student. She loved problem solving but missed face-to-face interactions and the ability to see the immediate impact of her work. Then one day, while Jess’s dad was in the hospital, he struck up a conversation with a nurse about Jess’s future. The nurse suggested that Jess pursue a career in POP. Jess took this advice and ran with it: She researched the profession and reached out to certified prosthetists and orthotists. After shadowing at a local Utah clinic, Jess knew POP was exactly what she was looking for. Now she’s a second-year student in Alabama State University’s Master of Science in Prosthetics & Orthotics program. Jess especially enjoys the unique challenges that come while working with children—while one patient may want to ride their bike, another might need a device specifically tailored to play their clarinet. Jess’s advice for someone looking into POP: Shadow often and try out multiple things. “If people are offering you their wisdom, take it. You might not practice the way they do in the future and that’s ok. You can always learn something from someone."

We as prosthetists and orthotists may not be able to do everything for a patient. But we’re giving them the tools they need to try for themselves.
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