Jennifer Miles

Jennifer’s dad is an engineer, and her mom is a nurse. She grew up looking for a career that combined what she admired about both of her parents’ professions. She was introduced to POP at a high school summer camp for women in engineering and she knew it was the perfect fit.

She studied electrical engineering and kinesiology as an undergraduate at Michigan State University and earned her master’s in prosthetics and orthotics from California State University – Dominguez Hills. Jennifer loves channeling her mathematics and physics backgrounds to help patients, particularly veterans.

Jennifer is now chief of the prosthetics lab at the Hampton Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center. She comes from a family of veterans and remembers taking her grandmother to doctor appointments at the VA in high school. Jennifer is honored to now help others in the same way and hopes to one day do prosthetics research on a national level for the VA.

POP is a blend of my favorite things—math, physics and helping people.
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