Jacob Wilbert

Jacob, a recent graduate from Alabama State University's Prosthetics & Orthotics master’s program, was poised to attend medical school but had a change of heart during his senior year of undergrad. He uncovered the world of POP while exploring a master’s degree in biomechanics. He shadowed a prosthetist, fell in love with the field and was immediately drawn to the intimate class sizes and abundant resources at Alabama State's program.

The journey through POP has been transformative for Jacob, from research to hands-on experience with patient models. He’s excited to mentor prospective students and help them chart their own career paths. Now completing his residency in Tennessee, Jacob envisions pursuing research and development in the POP field while owning his own practice, blending patient care with innovation and a life-long commitment to learning.

My advice for anyone looking into the POP profession is keep an open mind. The reality of the profession may differ from initial expectations, but the rewards of helping patients regain their mobility and independence are incredible.
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