Evan Smith

On track to complete his Master’s of Science in prosthetics and orthotics, Evan is in his second year of studying POP at Loma Linda University. Evan initially earned his undergraduate degree in chemistry and pursued medical school, but after his first year, he decided he wanted to expand his options and explore a career that incorporates engineering. He likes that he gets to look at new ways to speed up mobility and analyze the creation of new devices. Being able to offer care that often produces immediate results, like seeing a patient stand up out of a wheelchair for the first time, is what drew Evan to POP. In his classes, Evan plays a part in building devices and adapting them to improve functionality, while also learning how to be a part of a patient care team. Evan was surprised to learn all the functional differences you can make through this area of healthcare, and he is proud to say that the work he does really matters. 

POP is a beautiful intersection between medicine and hands on creation.
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