Emily Zoltai

A certified prosthetist orthotist (CPO), Emily’s experiences at technician and practitioner programs have helped her to see POP through a different lens. She previously worked as an aquatic specialist at a rehab facility, where she became fascinated with the science and art behind rehabilitation. Seeing someone’s mobility taken away from them and how that affects their lifestyle and mentality made her realize that mobility is much more than a device. As an active individual, Emily has taught adaptive skiing and climbing and traveled with the Range of Motion Project to Ecuador, working with pediatric communities and individuals with disabilities.

Now a research clinician at the Minneapolis VA, Emily loves being able to use both her scientific and artistic sides at RECOVER, an adaptive design lab. Emily says every patient has a story if you’re willing to listen—from wanting to stand up to cook their family dinner to climbing a mountain, POP professionals have the tools to help make it happen.

Helping patients understand and feel like their prosthesis is a part of them is an essential part of patient interaction.
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