Dentin Kline

Dentin originally went to school to be a physician’s assistant but when her professor mentioned prosthetics and orthotics, her ears perked up. In addition to her interest in healthcare, Dentin always loved art, even running her own independent fabric arts business. For Dentin, POP seemed like the perfect way to use her creativity to help others.

Dentin started shadowing at local clinics. She enjoyed the hands-on nature of working in POP and how it combined analytics and artistry. Growing up—and shadowing—in a small town, Dentin especially loved forming deep relationships with the clinic’s regular patients.

Today, Dentin is a second-year prosthetics and orthotics master’s student at Northwestern University. After completing her program, she plans to return to her hometown in Pennsylvania and complete her residency with one of the mentors she first shadowed with. Dentin looks forward to giving back to small towns like her own and one day hopes to develop an app that allows patients to create custom art to print on their prosthetic and orthotic devices.

POP lets me do everything I ever wanted in a career—use my creativity, build deep connections with people and become part of patients’ recoveries
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