Delaney Schavey

Delaney is a dedicated student pursuing her Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics (MSOP) at Baylor College of Medicine. Though she earned her bachelor’s degree to become a physical therapist, Delaney shadowed a clinic and quickly realized something was missing. A brief role at a trade company made her realize her love for engineering, but it wasn’t until an administrative position at an orthotics and prosthetics clinic that Delaney was introduced to the POP field. Once she met patients, Delaney was sold.

Now in her second year at Baylor, Delaney has transitioned into rotational residency. Delaney has developed a particular interest in upper limb prosthetics, especially partial hand prostheses, and is dedicated to advocating for their advancement. When Delaney was 15, her mom had a partial hand amputation but wasn’t given the option of orthotics or prosthetics during rehabilitation. Her mother's experience drives her to ensure that all options are accessible and known to those in need.

One of my most memorable experiences was working with a retired Olympic athlete who lost all four limbs due to sepsis. I was blown away by her drive, her passion, how much she wanted to get back some sort of life that she had once had…I was so excited to help her get there.
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