Davionne Laney

From a young age, Davionne knew his gameplan. He wanted to work in a medical field where he could help others, work with his hands and teach the next generation. Davionne learned about POP from a family friend and decided to shadow at a local clinic. After his first day shadowing technicians, prosthetists and other staff members, Davionne knew POP was the path for him and never looked back. Davionne’s first experience working full-time in the field was as a technician, where he honed a variety of skills including shaping molds, modifying devices and working to address patients’ specific needs. Today, Davionne is a certified orthotist and is completing his prosthetic residency. After becoming a certified prosthetist/orthotist, Davionne wants to continue promoting POP and pass on the lessons he’s learned to the next generation of POP professionals, especially among underserved communities.

Working in POP, I get the chance to give back to today’s patients and tomorrow’s POP professionals.
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