Christopher McClurkin

Christopher grew up a self-proclaimed “nerd.” He loved learning about science and building with Lego bricks. In his undergraduate program, Christopher chose a major in biology but soon realized he wanted a more specialized area of study. He set his sights on exercise science and physical therapy.

During Christopher’s senior year of college, he joined a research team studying movement patterns in adults and children. One of his team members worked for a POP clinic. After speaking with him about the profession, Christopher was blown away by the opportunity to combine his passions for science, hands-on activities and helping people. 

Now a second-year student in Northwestern University’s prosthetics and orthotics master’s program, Christopher loves the creative thinking that comes with body-powered and upper limb prostheses. He looks forward to continuing to learn, expanding awareness of POP and promoting diversity within the profession as part of Northwestern’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion counsel.  

POP has a lot to offer. I want to make sure people can see themselves and their unique talents in this profession.
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