Chris Baschuk

From design and engineering to emotional patient experiences, Chris enjoys every part of working in the POP profession. He started as a business major in college, then changed to computer engineering and computer science, before discovering biomedical engineering. As an undergraduate bioengineering student, Chris was first exposed to POP as a part of his senior research project and reached out to a POP professional to shadow at their clinic. That single visit was all that Chris needed to know that he had found his new calling in life. Now, he is the Director of Clinical Services at a company that designs and manufactures 3D printed partial hand prostheses. Chris enjoys working with patients to restore not only their physical function, but their sense of hope and confidence. He says he is more than just a medical provider, he’s a trusted friend who helps his patients live life on their terms.

I shadowed a POP professional for one day – that’s all it took!
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