Carson Kennedy Pearson

Growing up, Carson was heavily influenced by healthcare from her family members, so she felt torn when choosing her undergraduate major. She loved the design aspect of civil engineering but ultimately focused on exercise science and clinical care.

When it came time to apply for medical school, Carson’s mom told her to take her time deciding. Carson shadowed occupational and physical therapists, dentists and other health professionals, but didn’t feel a connection. Then, her mentor introduced her to his friend at a local prosthetics and orthotics clinic. Within two days of shadowing, POP gave Carson the solution she was looking for: A combination of her love for design and patient care.

With graduation from Northwestern University on the horizon, Carson is looking into her residency options. She’s excited to promote awareness of the profession and volunteer at a POP-aligned charity—maybe even create her own. She wants young students and professionals to know POP exists, so they too can feel the same passion Carson felt when she walked into a POP clinic for the first time.

Reflect on what you want in a career, not what others want for you.
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