Brogan Comstock

Brogan discovered POP by accident while researching local colleges for a high school assignment. She came across a POP degree program and decided to start shadowing at a clinic. There, she got to see every step of the POP process—from casting and fabrication to fitting and patient care—and fell in love with the unique combination of science, math, creativity and mechanics. Brogan went on to study psychology and kinesiology and is now a master’s student in prosthetics and orthotics at California State University – Dominguez Hills. One of her favorite POP memories is helping a woman who previously struggled to get a properly fitting orthotic device find one that was right for her. The woman cried tears of joy at finally being able to walk without pain. Brogan is excited to finish her degree and start providing patients with the care and devices that work best for their needs and lifestyle.

Any time a patient comes in, it’s a memorable experience.
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