Andrew Bergum

On a high school volunteer trip to Mexico, Andrew encountered a lively 40-year-old man who lacked access to needed prosthetic care. The man’s limited mobility made it difficult for him to live independently, making it necessary for him to live in a care facility for older adults. This encounter sparked a determination in Andrew to pursue a career in POP, aiming to empower individuals to live life without limitations.

Andrew studied kinesiology and exercise science as an undergraduate and received his master’s in prosthetics and orthotics from California State University – Dominguez Hills. He is now completing his residency in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Andrew remains passionate about global health and has worked closely with the Range of Motion Project (ROMP) to deliver prostheses to patients in Guatemala.

One of Andrew’s favorite things about POP is how it is constantly evolving, with the development of new technologies to improve patient care. He looks forward to contributing to this progress and helping ensure all patients have access to the latest POP innovations.

In POP, you get to help change lives. It’s a privilege to be a part of that journey for patients.
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