Amy Wright

Amy wanted to study POP ever since her cousin, who was born missing part of a bone in his leg, took his first steps. She saw the role her cousin’s prosthetist played in helping him achieve that milestone and knew she wanted to do the same for others. As an undergrad, Amy majored in health sciences and sculptural art and fell further in love with POP’s unique combination of the two disciplines. She is now completing her master’s in orthotics and prosthetics at Eastern Michigan University. Amy’s advice for people interested in learning more about the profession is to “just get in there.” She has gotten the chance to shadow and work with a variety of POP professionals during her education, including her cousin’s prosthetist. Amy says these experiences have been incredibly valuable in helping her discover her passions and find mentors.

There is no one way to solve a problem. I love using my creativity to help people.
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