Alexandra Ogar

Alexandra was introduced to orthotics at a young age. Her grandfather’s stroke and subsequent daily use of an assistive device initially sparked her interest. Later, when her father experienced an accident leaving him paralyzed below his right knee and relying on an orthotic device, Alexandra began to delve deeper into the field where she discovered an entire POP community dedicated to improving limb function. Alexandra was instantly enthralled.

When it came time for her undergraduate studies, Alexandra majored in biomedical engineering and sought out ways to give back to her community. She worked with Quality of Life (QL+), an organization specializing in community outreach for people who need assistive devices. Now a first-year master’s student at California State University Dominguez Hills, Alexandra’s favorite class focuses on pathology and how POP professionals can improve quality of life for patients with various diagnoses. Because many of Alexandra’s family members were in the military, she hopes to one day combine her engineering background with her newfound interest in the artistic side of POP to provide care to veterans.

Dig in early. Talk to people working in POP or who are utilizing these devices. There are so many ways to do POP and so many lives you can touch.
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